Trivia HQ Lets You Win REAL Money From Your Smartphone


Ever since it launched last summer, the smartphone app Trivia HQ has been gaining a merry band of dedicated followers that now average over 100,000 daily. The app provides a live trivia game show twice a day on weekdays and once a day on weekends hosted by comedian Scott Rogowsky (with occasional guest hosts).

Between the host’s cheesey one-liners, you’ll find 12 multiple choice questions that you’ll need to answer correctly to win the cash prize. Every contestant that answers all questions correctly will split the earnings evenly, and as the show’s audience has increased so has the amount of the prizes.

The one “life-line” that the show offers is a free life when you refer new users, so it’s a good idea to share the app with friends once you’ve downloaded it. You can use my referral code if you’d like when you sign up: mattyd123

There is no cost to download the app or sign-up for an account. Trivia HQ was created by two of the founders of the now-defunct video app Vine. If you’re curious about how this company turns a profit, they plan to make money eventually by product endorsements and sponsorships according to Variety.

Download the app from iTunes here

Trivia HQ has games everyday at 9PM EST and 3PM EST on weekdays.

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GigWalk App Review: Make Some Extra Money From Your Smartphone

Gigwalk App Review.jpg

What is Gigwalk?

Gigwalk is an app that allows you to pick up small money-making tasks for things like mystery shopping and website evaluation.

Not just anyone can post a gig- so don’t expect to see offers to get paid for helping carry in groceries or put together IKEA furniture. Instead, the gigs come from brands and retailers that choose to crowdsource in “Gigwalkers” to help with consumer research and product evaluation for marketing purposes.

How it Works

The process to sign up for Gigwalk is fairly simple and once you’ve downloaded the app you can be ready to accept gigs fairly quickly. You’ll need to provide account details for a Paypal account to get paid (and Paypal is the ONLY payment option).

Payments occur on a weekly basis and you are paid anywhere from $3-$100 (or more) per gig. There’s no minimum requirement for what gigs you choose so you are never under any kind of obligation with your schedule.

You just log in to the app, check out the list of available gigs in your area (it displays them on a map so you can see what’s nearby), and tap the one you’d like to apply to. There’s lots of Gigwalkers out there, so you might not get the chance to do every gig you apply to. You’ll always find out within a couple days if you’re selected for a gig.

What are the Gigs Like?

The gigs is my area so far have consisted of merchandise checks (where you take pictures of product displays and answer a short survey in retails stores) and website evaluations. Most gigs pay on the lower end of $3-$10, but they are relatively simple and painless to complete.

At any given time, there might not be that many gigs available so you have to check back on a regular basis to see if new gigs have come up. The app also keeps track of your score from the evaluations they give you at the end of each gig and promise that more gigs may become available to the top Gigwalkers. Thus, it might be better to go ahead and accept a few lower-paying gigs in the hopes that you’ll get higher paying ones over time.

My Verdict

I can’t say that I’ve made a tremendous amount of money from this, and the selection of gigs seems to be fairly limited. I’m hoping that as I improve my ranking over time and get more positive evaluations I’ll get access to the coveted higher paying gigs, but that remains to be seen.

It’s still worth a shot if you’re looking for an extra side gig to throw into the mix. I say give it a download and see if you like it.

Download the app from App Store (for Apple/iOS devices) here

Download the app from the Google Play Store (for Android) here

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7 Completely Bizarre Ways to Make Money You Haven’t Considered

7 Bizarre Ways to Make Money.jpg


The Information Age that we live in is a strange era. On the one hand it’s become easier than ever to connect with long-lost friends and meet people across the world. Yet on the other, we’ve created a bizarre alternate reality where sneezing pandas and once-forgotten Rick Astley music videos become pop culture legends thanks to the internet.

When it comes to making money, sometimes it’s better just to accept that the world is a weird place and capitalize on this reality. Here I’ve compiled a list of seven bizarre ways to make money you may not have considered.

Go to Church For Money

There’s lots of good reasons to go to church- such as a desire to connect with a Higher Power and give back to your community. “Making money” doesn’t come up as the first reason someone might want to go to church, but one company allows you to do just that. With Faith Perceptions, you can get paid to go to church and evaluate your experience in a similar way that a mystery shopper might evaluate a business.

Churches contract with Faith Perceptions as a way to figure out what the experience of first time visitors is like when they come through their doors. I’ve written about Faith Perceptions more extensively in a separate blog post which you can read here.

Become a Mystery Guest with Faith Perceptions here

Become a (Medical) Marijuana Delivery Driver

I’ve done delivery for Postmates and GrubHub and have written various blog posts about my experiences. While there’s lots of great companies to check out if you’re interested in becoming a delivery driver (many of which you can find here), one such company that I haven’t covered quite yet is Eaze.

Eaze is a company that lets drivers deliver medical marijuana to patients in California. Operating within the boundaries of state law where pot is legal for medical purposes, contract workers are given completely flexible schedules and can expect to make at least $16/hr. The drivers get to keep 100% of their tips, so long as the patients aren’t too baked to forget to tip them…

Apply with Eaze here

Pull Pranks on People For Money

The website Fivver is a digital marketplace that allows sellers to list their services for various endeavors from graphic design to computer programming. Buried within their listings, however, are lesser-known categories such as those offering “Pranks and Stunts.”

Here you’ll find people willing to make a prank phone call for $5, send a prank email, or even pose as your gay boyfriend in a video to prank your friends. It’s easy to get set up with Fivver, but if that isn’t your thing you can always film your own pranks and upload them to YouTube. Prank videos are a popular YouTube genre, and its possible to make money from ad revenue if you get enough views.

You check out my video on making money from YouTube here.

Become a seller on Fivver here

Sell Your Poop For Science

Yes, you read that correctly. You can get paid to sell your poop! Through OpenBiome, who describe themselves as a “nonprofit stool bank,” you can make stool donations for $40 a dump at their Massachusetts-based labs. Not only that- they actually encourage you to come in more than once per week so you could be getting paid THOUSANDS of dollars per year just to poop.

There is some fine print to consider, however. You have to be really healthy and they are very selective. According to a 2015 Washington Post article, only about 4 percent of applicants pass the extensive health screening because of the important nature of how the donated samples are used.. These medical treatments are no laughing matter. In fact they could save lives for people living with C. difficile infection.

Start the donation process with OpenBiome here

Give People Massages On-Demand

We’re all familiar with spas where clients can get massages, but have you heard about massage therapists that provide services on-demand, wherever the customer is currently located? Soothe allows customers to summon a massage therapist to their home, office, or school any time from 8:00AM until midnight, seven days a week.

To become a massage therapist with Soothe, you must be certified with your own massage table, and reliable transportation. You get flexible hours and they promise pay that is 3 to 4 times larger than the industry standard.

Become a Soothe therapist here

Sell Ad Space on Your Car (Or Your Forehead)

Do you normally drive a long commute for work? If you are used to driving long distances in your normal day-to-day routine, then Carvertise can help you make some extra income. What they do is send out a crew to professionally install a removable wrap to your vehicle with an advertisement for a brand. You need a car from 2008 or newer and a commute of at least 30 miles per day.

Once you start driving with the advertisement on your car, you can expect to make about $100/month, but certain campaigns may pay more. Of course, if you want an advertisement that’s even more splashy you can do what this guy did in 2005 and sell a temporary tattoo on your forehead (there’s even a website to list your offer to potential buyers).

You can become a Cartertise driver here

Get Paid to Be In An Audience

You may not realize this, but many live events such as TV shows, political rallies, and press conferences will actually PAY people just to sit in the bleachers. In politics, there have been various controversies in the press surrounding campaigns that paid audience members to be at rallies. It’s not to say that hiring audiences isn’t an effective strategy- one candidate that used paid audiences may or may not have become President.

While there are various companies that hire paid audiences such as Crowds on Demand and Crowds for Rent, they typically don’t list their paid gigs on their websites. For that you will need to look for local listings on Craigslist, talent casting sites, or job listings from temp agencies.

To read more about my personal experience as a seat filler, click here

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7 Bizarre Ways to Make Money 2.jpg

Saucey Delivers Booze To Your Door: Find Out How and Get a $10 Credit Off Your First Order!

🍺 Try Saucey and get $10 off with the code TRY18 at checkout! 🍷

Currently available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, and Chicago, Saucey is an app that allows you to order beer, wine, spirits, and mixers and have them delivered by a courier to your door. In this video I explain the basics of how Saucey works, including info on how you can become a Saucey Courier!

Apply to become a Courier for Saucey here:

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5 Work From Home Gigs To Make Money in Your Pajamas!

work from home gigs.jpg

When it comes to side gigs, sure there’s always Uber driving or food delivery. But doesn’t it sound nice to make some money on the side while you sit at home in your pajamas? Here I’ve compiled a list of five work-from-home gigs that you can sign up for to make money from the comfort of your living room!


This website lets people from all over the world apply for contract gigs. A big focus of theirs is on search engine evaluation- so you’ll be testing out search terms and seeing what comes up to evaluate your satisfaction with the results. This helps them improve their algorithms and develop software that makes for more effective search engines.

Other projects they have focus on social media evaluation and improving text-to-speech software. If you are an avid internet user with some light technical knowledge this gig may be right for you! Many of their projects require a set number of hours you must work each week (four hours for five days a week, one hour for six days a week, etc.) so you need to be able to commit to some regularity with scheduling. Pay is hourly and varies by project.

Check our Appen right here


If you have experience writing or blogging, then Blogmutt might be worth checking out. Many businesses and internet companies will create blogs as a way to promote their brand and engage with the web community, but they might not necessarily have professional writers on their staff. Blogmutt helps fix that by enabling businesses to crowdsource in writers who are willing to write blog posts for them.

You’ll need to pass a grammar test and submit a writing sample before officially becoming a member of Blogmutt, but once you do you’ll be able to log in and see a list of available blogs to write for. You can submit your blog entries and if the client likes it you’ll get paid.

Check out Blogmutt here


If you are reading this blog post, you are likely an English speaker. This could help you score a gig at Cambly. What Cambly does is connect people from across the world that are trying to learn English with tutors who can mentor them via webcam. They don’t require any previous tutoring experience so it’s okay if you haven’t previously worked in a teaching position.

Cambly does require certain minimum requirements for your internet connection speed and browser, which they’ll test for in the application process. Once you get set up with them, you are paid $0.17 per minute of tutoring, or roughly $10.20 per hour (although the tutoring sessions might not last a full hour). There’s no set requirements for the number of hours you must work so it’s completely flexible around your schedule.

Check out Cambly here

Rev is a company that provides a variety of services to individuals and businesses related to audio transcription, captioning, and translation. You can work as a freelancer in any of those areas from home after passing a test to make sure you’re a good fit for the gig. Once you’re signed up and online, you’ll see a homepage with a list of available jobs to take on and you are paid on a per-job basis.

For example, an available job might be to transcribe 10 minutes of audio at $0.50 per minute. After you complete that job you would get $5 added to your balance, which they pay out weekly via PayPal. These gigs require that you have a sharp attention to detail and good ears to pick up on audio that could be hard to understand. If you are a detail-oriented person that is a fast typer then Rev might be worth taking a look at!

Check out Rev here

I also made a YouTube video that goes into more depth on Rev here


This website is a marketplace for various freelancers of all varieties to sell their services. They have over 100 different categories ranging from web design to virtual assistants to some jobs that are a little bizarre like this man that will create a photoshopped image of your face on a pizza for $5.

There’s no fee to list your services on Fivver, and you get to keep 80% of the money that the customers pay out for your services. If you are just beginning to branch out into a specific area of professional service, then Fivver could be a good way for your to get your feet wet and meet some potential clients.

Check out Fivver here

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How to Make Money on YouTube


I go over the basics of how to make money through YouTube by utilizing passive income strategies. Learn three basic ways plus find out how I’ve made money in my first year on YouTube. You won’t become an overnight millionaire through YouTube (at least you most LIKELY won’t) but it can be a good side gig if you enjoy making videos.

🚨 A few resources that can be helpful 🚨

YouTube’s Partner Program Overview:

How to Earn Money from Your Videos (Article from YouTube)

Another form of income I forgot to mention is Patreon. This is a website that lets internet creators crowdsource funds for ongoing projects such as YouTube channels. More info here:

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DailyPay Just Made It Easier for Drivers to Get Paid and It’s So 😜💃🏽🎊🙀


I’ve written previously about how DailyPay can benefit delivery partners for DoorDash, GrubHub, and Fasten by enabling them to get paid EVERY DAY instead of having to wait till their normal payday.

Not only have they added the ability to do same-day balance transfers, including on weekends and holidays, but now they have made it easier than ever (and more fun!)  to get paid by adding the option to do balance transfers when you text emojis to DailyPay.

All you have to do is text an emoji to their phone number (it can be ANY emoji) to withdraw $20 from your available balance. You can text up to five emojis to withdraw $100 at a time.

So if you’re feeling 😎, you get $20. Or 😮😮, you get $40. Or even having a day that’s a little 💩💩💩, you could get $60. You get the idea.

For more detailed info on how DailyPay works, check out my previous blog entry here.

If you’d like to give it a whirl and start getting paid sooner and more frequently when you drive for GrubHub, Fasten, or Doordash try it for FREE for two weeks (without any balance transfer fees) by following my link here:

(Please note- I am compensated for referrals to DailyPay)

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How to Save Money Every Time You Shop Online


We all enjoy the convenience of online shopping. You can make your purchases without ever having to leave your couch!

That convenience leaves us with some pros and cons, though. While you could wake up from a drunken night to find your front porch littered with Amazon Prime packages, you could also use the internet resourcefully to SAVE money instead of impulse shop.

Here are some ways you can save money whenever you shop online.

Look for Coupon Codes

Websites like RetailMeNot offer a vast assortment of coupon codes that you can use at checkout to save money on various websites. Sometimes the codes work and sometimes they don’t, but it’s always worth checking this website out if you’re wondering if maybe, just maybe, there’s a way to squeeze out some extra savings on the purchase you’re making.

If you don’t want to scour through the listings on RetailMeNot, browser plugins like Honey can do the heavy lifting for you. This will automatically scan the internet for the best coupon code and apply it to your purchase at check-out on various stores like Amazon, Travelocity, and Office Depot.

Get Cash Back

We’ve all heard of cash back programs that are attached to credit cards. It turns out you don’t need to rack up a large credit card balance to get cash back any more, nor even use a credit card at all! Websites like Ebates and Swagbucks allow you to earn cash back when you follow links through their websites.

Ebates is my preferred company for cash back and I’ve previously made a video about them which you can watch here. Their website is very direct and easy to navigate and I’ve always received my quarterly check without a hitch. Swagbucks, on the other hand, is a bit more complex although it has its own perks. With Swagbucks, you earn a digital currency or SB that you can trade for gift cards (including Paypal) rather than checks.

To try Ebates for free and even be eligible for a $10 bonus, go hereEbates Coupons and Cash Back

To try Swagbucks and get 150 SB free, follow my referral link here

(Disclosure: I’m compensated for referrals when you follow the two previous links and sign-up)

Sign Up for Emails from Retailers (Without Cluttering Your Inbox!)

Getting on email lists for retailers can be both helpful and frustrating. On the one hand, having an email ready and waiting with coupons and info on upcoming sales is helpful when you’re ready to shop. On the other having an inbox with never-ending clutter from various retailers can be very annoying.

That’s where the site can come in. By signing up for a free account, they will scan your email and allow you to easily unenroll in email lists you want to leave as well as combine the email lists you want to stay subscribed to in one, simple compact email with a digest of your various email subscriptions.

For the businesses you frequent you can sign up for their emails, and then check your daily “Rollup” email from Unroll to see if there’s any sales going on when you’re ready to shop.

Use a Price Comparison Tool

As the members of my Thrifty Squad know, shopping around for the best price is always a prerequisite before making a purchase. Several websites out there make this easier than ever such as PriceBlink, which offers a browser add-on that automatically brings up price comparisons from other websites when you’re shopping.

There’s lots of price comparison websites out there, and they all draw their data from different sources so it’s best to check out more than one to help get the complete picture of what prices are available on the web. Some others include, PriceGrabber, and Nextag. There’s a wide range of sellers listed on these sites so always use discretion and buy from reputable merchants.

Resist the Urge to Spend

I’m about to dispense some tough love here. If you have to ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” then the answer is probably “no.” For me, that is my #1 standard whenever I’m tempted to buy something without thinking about it (and the internet has made it easier than ever to do so!).

This isn’t to say that it’s not okay to enjoy or want “things.” I once heard someone say that we as a society are materialistic in all the wrong ways, but not materialistic enough in others. What does this mean? We should value the things that we own and prioritize our money enough to spend on the things that we will truly make use of, rather than burn through disposable objects that will quickly lose our interest.

With those words of wisdom in mind- shop wisely, my thrifty friends.

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Jobs Like Postmates: 10 Freelance Gigs for Delivery Drivers

Jobs Like Postmates.jpg

I’ve worked as a Postmates Courier and have found it to be a pretty good gig if you’re looking to pick up some money on the side. As long as you’ve got a car and a smartphone, you have a lot of possibilities open to you if you are looking to become a delivery driver.

Postmates is far from the only option out there, however, if you are looking for other jobs like Postmates. Here I’ve compiled a list of 10 freelance gigs for delivery drivers that are similar to Postmates.

Bonus Offer!

Enter my code 6TSHK to get a $10 delivery fee credit when you try Postmates as a customer!


Currently available in New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco, Doorman is a service that provides delivery to customers for online orders from select retailers like Zara and Zulily. They promise delivery within 1 hour, seven days a week until midnight.

To become a driver with Doorman you need a large vehicle like a van or SUV with car insurance. Bikes, scooters, and motorcycles are acceptable in NYC only. You’ll go to the Doorman warehouse, pick up orders, and then deliver them to the customer with the Doorman app guiding you with GPS directions.

Doorman drivers are paid weekly with an hourly rate and completely flexible hours. As a driver with Doorman, you’ll also be part of a rewards program that provides incentives for performing extra deliveries.

Apply with Doorman here


Do you travel by car a lot or are you planning an upcoming road trip? With Roadie you can make some extra money by transporting people’s stuff while you are on your trip. How it works is that people list an item they want to transport such as furniture, a musical instrument, or even a pet, and then list their gig in the Roadie app.

Roadie drivers can see what gigs are available in their area, and if its on a route they plan to take, can accept it to pick up the extra money. To become a Roadie driver, you must be at least 18, have a driver’s license, and auto insurance.

Apply with Roadie here

Search and apply for hourly jobs on Snagajob

Apply for Delivery + Driver Jobs on Snagajob


This is a company that partners with select retailers to provide same-day delivery services to customers. This could range from retail merchandise to groceries. They currently operate in 17 markets in the United States, including Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Boston, Chicago, NYC, and Seattle.

Drivers get to pick their own hours and are not required to have a commercial license to drive. To be eligible to become a driver, you must be at least 18 years old, have a smart phone with a data plan, have an insured car that is less than 15 years old with air conditioning, at least one year’s driving experience, and be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

Apply with Deliv Here


It seems you can literally find a delivery service for anything these days, and Rinse is no exception. Rinse is a laundry and dry cleaning pickup service where customers can schedule a pickup for a bag of dirty laundry to be washed or clothes in need of dry cleaning for a driver to come retrieve. They are currently operating in Washington D.C., San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The so-called “Rinse Valet Drivers” need a four-door vehicle, a smartphone, and a clean driving record. They receive competitive pay plus mileage reimbursement and work set shifts between 7:30PM and 10:30PM. Valet Drivers are considered part-time (W-2) employees.

Apply with Rinse here


Are you someone that loves working with kids or has experience working in childcare? Then perhaps Kango is right for you. This is a website where people can book both people to babysit as well as drive their kids to school, daycare, soccer games, or wherever else they need to be. They are currently operating in the San Francisco Bay Area only.

Because you are working with kids, they are much more selective in their application process. You need to bass a background check, a fingerprint check, have your DMV records analyzed, and attend a Kango training before becoming a driver. They also have a zero tolerance policy for drug or alcohol use while providing services.

To work with Kango, you need to have previous experience working in childcare, be at least 21, and have a car from 2007 or later. Kango drivers can make $35/hr, plus a $25 sign-on bonus.

Apply with Kango here


We’ve all heard of Uber. They are clearly leaders in the world of ridesharing and their delivery business offered with UberEATS is rapidly expanding across the globe. UberEATS delivery partners can use either a car, bike, or scooter for work depending on what’s available in their city. Your schedule is 100% up to you!

To drive you must be at least 19 years old, have a driver’s license, and a vehicle that is from 1997 or newer. What’s great about UberEATS is they have a rapid sign-up process so you can get on the road very quickly, plus once you start work you can transfer your earnings to your bank account instantly after a delivery!

Sign up with UberEATS here

Or to become a driver for Uber’s rideshare service (for people, not food) Sign Up Here


Typically a designated driver will drive you TO a bar, but with Saucey the driver brings the bar to you! Currently operating in LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, and Sacramento, Saucey send drivers to deliver beer, wine, spirits, and mixers on-demand in 30 minutes or less.

With Saucey, you get to ride with a car, bike, or motorcycle and you can pick your own shift blocks. They promise that you won’t be going “hundreds of miles” a night doing delivery and that you can pick the neighborhood you’d like to work in. Drivers with Saucey must be willing to check ID’s for all customers and go through proper legal procedures to ensure the product isn’t getting into the wrong (ie underage) hands.

Apply with Saucey here

Bonus offer!

Want to try out Saucey as a customer? Enter the code TRY18 and get a $10 credit

Download iOS app

Download Google Play App


Grocery shopping is made a little more simple and convenient with Shipt. With this service, customers can order products online for same-day delivery from local grocery stores. Shipt workers will retrieve the items and then drive them to the customers. They currently operate in 16 states, including many areas that other services do not.

They offer flexible schedules and payment up to $25/hr. To become a shopper with Shipt, you must be at least 18, have an insured vehicle that is less than 15 years old, have a driver’s license and a smartphone, and be able to lift at least 25 pounds.

Apply with Shipt here

Bonus offer!

Want to try out Shipt as a customer? Follow this link and get a $20 credit!


Do you live in the southern states of Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas? Then perhaps you should check out Waitr. This is a food-delivery app that displays a simple layout with high-resolution images of the items available to order from local restaurants. Customers order through the app, and drivers come deliver it.

To drive with Waitr, you need a reliable and insured vehicle, a smartphone, a clean driving record, and a driver’s license. You have flexible shifts and get paid via direct deposit weekly. You can expect to make $12-$15/hr. on average with Waitr.

Apply with Waitr here


Zesty is a workplace catering company that delivers healthy meals to businesses in the Bay Area. They work with over 150 restaurants to prepare meals based on their clients needs that are delivered to their offices and served “family-style”- no boxed lunches here!

To become a driver with Zesty, you must be at least 18 years old, have a reliable and insured vehicle, have a smartphone, be willing to get a food handler card, and be available to work two lunch shifts from Monday to Friday. Drivers work as 1099 independent contractors, working shifts from 1-2 hours at a time, and can make $25/hr.

Apply with Zesty here (click on “Contractors/Commissary” under “Open Positions”)

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